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I bought a copy of thier iphone 4 but on delivery i recieved a iphone 3gs. not only that i had a dent on the screen an could not access the internet on the phone.

before i bought the phone seller confirmed with me that the phone would work just like the original but would only have 8gb on the phone.

after that i contacted the seller to discuss my disaapointment and point out the damages which i had on delivery, which he replied "thats what you payed for. you cant expect to have such good quality for the price i payed for the phone" rude or what you tell me.

this is a warning to everyone.

do not buy from them. there are a cheat, liar, and scam organisation.

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Truckee, California, United States #337763

I ordered one cell phone and cancelled the order.

I then reorder it,and they charged my account twice for one item only.

I've sent them e-mails on their customer service site,but have not received any response from them.

I'm not sure to contact them via telephone for the call could be more expensive than the item i odered.

From my shopping experiance with TradeTang,i would recomend not to take risk with this company.


i want to buy an iphone4 off tradetang because i simply dont have the money for one in a phone shop!! it looks like it could be trurstworthy but after all the rviews im not sure should i buy it.. what should i do?


I too was ripped off from not one, but TWO sellers on Tradetang. Ordered a ring, it was delivered.

Wrong size, wrong color, wrong shape, wrong ring. Tradetang gave a partial refund and told me to find a seller with higher ratings. I did that. The second seller sent me the SAME EXACT *** RING!!

Wrong size, wrong color, wrong shape, wrong ring. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!!

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